Dog & Horse

75,000 visitors over three days. A spectacular show program. Including shopping bargain fever. Horses and dogs up close. We set trends. Every year in October. At the Dortmund Westfalenhallen.

Neighing, barking, excited whispers - horses, dogs and people are very close to each other at the show Dog & Horse, which attracts around 75,000 visitors at the Dortmund Westfalenhallen annually since 2006.

The nine-hour non-stop show program with hand-picked players from all over Europe enjoys a legendary reputation. Top trainer with outstanding expertise can look at work on her shoulders. Thus, the recreational horse trainer Peter Kreinberg with his The Gentle Touch®-system, a regular guest of the show. Linda Tellington-Jones already enthused with collar demos, TTouch and personality analysis. Allows her bulging diary not personally arrive, her closest confidants, the TTEAM Practitioner, on site. The welfare of horses school of Dr. Nathalie Penquitt is represented. And of course, every year there are new guest stars, which had previously been adopted following included: The dressage Olympians Klaus and Anabel Balkenhol, the riders of the Princely Riding School Bückeburg, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, FN judge and author Dr. Britta Schöffmann, the austrian veterinarian, trainer and author of the medical school of equitation, Dr. Robert Stodulka, the french star of freedom dressage, Pierre Fleury, animal trainer Anne Krueger, world champion of the gaited horses and western scene and many more.

In Dog halls show over 10,000 dogs from over 240 breeds of its most charming side. Be it. Rings in the evaluation, where breeding judges select the best dogs. Or in the show ring, where movie dogs amaze, rescue dogs go through the fire, swirling frisbee dog world champions on the carpet, agility cracks take your breath and inspire international show sizes. When shopping dog lovers will get their costs. Here is everything - new and established - in part at incredibly low prices fair.

Crowd-pullers are the common show pictures of dogs and horses: The big parade of dogs and horses common origin, in which, among other things impress Irish Wolfhounds side by side with Irish Tinkers. Bet jumping, which deliver to dogs and jumpers exciting head-to -head race. The big Horse & Dog Trail Championships, where the best riders-dogs-teams demonstrate their skills in a challenging course.


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